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Resorts In Negril

My husband and I have been to Jamaica many times, and we have usually stayed in one of the all inclusive resorts in Negril. This year we thought we would try something different and book a stay at one of the smaller resorts in Negril.

We weren't sure what too expect, and wondered if we were making a big mistake by renting a condo on Negril Beach. But when we got there, we were very impressed, and very pleased!

We stayed in a large private suite on the top floor of a lovely villa that looked out over the water. The villa was right near the water's edge, and we couldn't have been more pleased with the view.

In the past, when we had stayed in the large all inclusive resorts in Negril, we had often been told that it was somewhat of a risk to leave the resort grounds, and the resort staff discouraged us from going out and exploring Negril. But we found to our pleasant surprise that this was not at all true. Negril Beach was lovely and filled with people from all over the world. There were dozens of great restaurants serving local Jamaican dishes that we'd never seen in all our stays in the large all inclusive resorts in Negril.

We spent many of our evenings in the numerous nightclubs and bars that run up and down Negril Beach. We saw local Jamaican musicians playing live reggae music, another thing we'd never seen in the large resorts in Negril. It was so much fun!

Right next door to our villa there was a great bar and restaurant. They served great food and drinks well into the night. The villa staff was great and friendly, and helped us out with all of our questions and our needs.

The villas we stayed in were surrounded by lovely gardens with towering fruit and almond trees, and were filled with exotic flowers. The whole setting - right next the the water, was so lovely...we felt badly that we had missed out on so much on our previous visits to Jamaica by staying in the large resorts in Negril.

We were so glad that we took a chance and stayed in a condo. With all the incredibly wonderful experience we'd had with the resort staff, the restaurants, the nightclubs and the local people. I don't think we'll be booking another stay in any of the large resorts in Negril again.

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