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Negril Hotels in Jamaica

Somewhere in the Caribbean, there is a place where the water is warm, the atmosphere is casual and relaxed, and the sunsets are spectacular....this place is called...Negril

Negril is a cozy and inviting city, positioned right on the westernmost point of Jamaica. Negril is often thought of as the jewel in the crown that is Jamaica, and boasts a seven mile long stretch of beautiful beach, covered in soft white sand.

Every year throngs of visitors flock to Negril's shores, and despite the fact that the number of visitors continues to grow, this quaint city by the sea maintains it's inviting and serene atmosphere. Throughout the length of Negril Beach there are numerous Hotels and villas tucked away beneath the palms, leaving the visitor myriad choices when trying to decide which accommodations to choose.

A great alternative to the large resorts that dominate many parts of the beach are often the most unobtrusive, and easy to overlook. Negril Hotels offer the visitor an experience that no resort could ever match - a taste of real local Jamaican culture.

There are many great offers all throughout the island of Jamaica, from hotels in Ocho Rios, or villas in Montego Bay, but none of them can offer what Negril hotels have had all along - an unparalleled view westward out into the Caribbean Sea. What's so special about seeing westward out to the Caribbean, you may ask? Well, it's the sunsets! - and the ones you'll see from Negril hotels are truly spectacular, and are without compare anywhere else in Jamaica.

Witnessing the dazzling display of light that graces Negril every evening at sunset is not the only reason why so many people are flocking to Negril hotels. Negril is also famous for it's warm and calm waters. Negril has become a mecca for water sports such as jet skiing, boating, parasailing, and wind surfing.

Many Negril hotels are temporary homes for scuba diving enthusiasts from around the globe. Negril is known worldwide for it's incredible scuba diving, and vibrant underwater marine life.

So when you are looking for accommodation in Jamaica, don't forget about the cozy, luxurious and affordable Negril hotels that sit quietly beneath the palms.

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