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Jamaica Weddings

The island of Jamaica - that lovely jewel of an island, nestled quietly in the Caribbean sea. When one thinks of Jamaica, a number of things probably come to mind, such as palm trees, beautiful beaches, and warm sunshine. But did you know that one of the things that attracts large numbers of people to Jamaica's shores are weddings?

It's true - Jamaica is one of the most popular destinations in all the Caribbean Sea, and it's lovely beaches offer the perfect setting for your perfect wedding.

If you are now wondering why Jamaica weddings are so popular, you only have to see the stunning and surreal beauty of this island nation to understand why.

Beautiful beaches, tropical foliage and flowers, and fantastic weather are just a few of the things that bring couples to Jamaica to tie the knot. The island culture of this nation is friendly and inviting, and the people are warm and kind.

When it comes to beautiful beaches, the most beautiful in all of Jamaica is Negril Beach. Negril's seven mile white sand beaches hosts countless Jamaica weddings every year. A sunset wedding is not an uncommon sight when strolling down Negril Beach, as sunset is the time when most couples choose to hold their wedding.

Sunset is a magical time on Negril Beach, with it's amazing display of fantastic colors, as the sun sinks into the Caribbean waters. The reason that Negril Beach is graced with such amazing sunsets, is it's fortuitous location directly on the most western coast of Jamaica. One could not find a better location for Jamaica weddings than this most lovely of beaches.

Your perfect Jamaica wedding wouldn't be complete without your perfect Jamaican Honeymoon, and Jamaica has no shortage of exotic and exciting things to create those memories that are sure to last a life time.

Jamaica Weddings are becoming more and more popular every year, and if you have ever seen the beauty and wonder of this island nation, then you'll certainly understand why so many couples come to Jamaica to exchange their vows.

So whether you are talking about Jamaica weddings or the perfect Jamaican Honeymoon, come and see what this incredible island nation has to offer.

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