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Negril Villas In Jamaica

We recently took a trip to Jamaica, and it was a lot of fun. We looked on-line to find some villas in Jamaica, and ended up booking a stay at a place called "The Beach House Villas and Hotel" in Negril.

Negril lies on the west coast of Jamaica, so after flying into Montego Bay, as many flights to Jamaica do, we had to take a taxi for a little over an hour to get to the town of Negril. There were many villas in Jamaica for us to choose from, so we were hoping we had made a good choice, and would just have to wait and see if we were to be disappointed or not.

When we got to Negril, the villas we had chosen seemed even nicer than they had appeared on-line. They were right on the beach, and seemed to be among the nicest villas in Negril. We had stayed at many villas and hotels in a lot of places throughout the Caribbean, but none of them could hold a candle to these villas in Jamaica. They were spacious and luxurious, with full kitchens and large comfortable living areas...and best of all was the location.

Our villa had a large balcony that looked west, straight out to the sunsets in the evening were unbelievable. Of all the villas in Jamaica, I don't think there could have been a better spot to build one, so needless to say, we were very happy with our choice of accommodations.

We spent much of our time in Negril exploring Negril Beach, which was actually about 4 miles long, despite the many descriptions that say it is seven miles long. I'm not sure how the extra 3 miles came into being....maybe it was because of a little too much ganja....I don't know...but we walked up and down the beach, which seemed to be covered with villas, hotels, and condos.

On many parts of Negril Beach large resorts were what dominated the beach. In the past, we had stayed in many of these all inclusive resorts, but now we felt that the experiences we'd had in these large resorts fell far short of the freedom and luxury we were offered by the spacious and comfortable villas in Jamaica that we had so fortunately selected.

We had a great time in Negril, and were almost sad to go back home. But I think we'll be back before too long. So when you are looking through all the numerous villas in Jamaica, make sure to take a look at the Beach House Villas and Hotel. Maybe we'll see you there...

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