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Not long ago I took a Jamaican vacation to the town of Negril. I had a great time and lots of fum on the Jamaican beaches. There were a large amount of destinations to see a myriad of things I wanted to experience while on the island.

When visiting jamaica, you'll have two primary options for accommodations - a villa or hotel or a Jamaican resort.  Whatever you choos, you can be sure that anything you'd like to expericence on your jamaican vacation is waiting for you on the island. There are many popular beaches on the island of Jamaica, but none is more beautiful and laid-back that Negril Beach on the western coast of the island.

An afternoon at a Jamaican beach is just the relaxing time to set the stage for fun and exciting nights in the numerous Jamaican nightclubs that dot the seven miles of white jamaican sand on Negril Beach. Even as the sun dips below the horizin, the water is still inviting and warm, usually around seventy degrees. Winter is often a dreary time in many parts of the world, but the winter in Jamaica is probably the best time of year to visit the island.

In contrast to the lush mountainous areas of the island Jamaica offers some of the most beautiful beaches in all the world. I feel very fortunate that I was able to experience the island's actractions during my first trip to Jamaica. Five visits later, I still find myself drawn to Jamaica. Having seen many other caribbean island, I can attest the the beaches in Jamaica and particularly Negril Beach in Negril are among the world's most exceptional.

While I do recommend viting Negril, no matter what part of Jamaica you choose to visit, you can be sure that there will be something incredible to enjoy. My first trip to the island of Jamaica was many years ago. I initially thought that Doctor's Cove Beach nearMontego Bay was one of the most beautiful beaches I'd ever see. That was until we took a trip and drove our car to Negril.  We were astonished by it's perfectly clear waters, and luxuriously soft sand on the beaches.

There was a beautiful villa on Negril Beach called "The Beach House Villas and Hotel" and from the balcony we had breathtaking views over the caribbean sea. "Bloody Bay", which is on the opposite side of Negril, but still accessable by walk was just as incredible as Negril Beach. Over the years a number of changes have occured in the Negril area, but it has retained all the qualities that drew us there in the first place and we will continue to come again and again.


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