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Jamaica is great for shopping while on vacation. Jamaica is teeming with local crafts and bargains that will interest everyone in the family. Shopping in Jamaica can also be a fun experience. Price haggling is expected, and is an integral part of shopping when in Jamaica.

Additionally Jamaican local art is famous throughout the region for it's creativity, and will make a welcome addition to any art colletion. An essential part of a Jamaican shopping experience is knowing where to find the local artisans that craft these unique peices of Jamaican art. Forget souveniers, these creations are reflective of Jamaica's long and storied history, and herald the island's unique culture.

In Montego Bay Jamaica, a place called Harbor Street offers open-air markets where locals arrive daily to display and sell their work. On harbor Street, you'll find a great variety of wares for sale. Everything from jewelry to precious stones, and textiles to clothing. A commonly sold item in Jamaica are the many various wooden items, all carved by hand, and all one of a kind.

Also in Montego Bay is Island Village, a place devoted the the islands connection with reggare music and culture. A large part of Island Village is devoted to the Island's most famous inhabitant, Bob Marley. Many of the shops in this area feature exhibits and displays heralding his life and far reaching effects of mis music and world culture. To see them all may take some time, but don't worry about spening time in Jamaica's Island village, since it is also home to many different cafe's and restaurants where one can sample local Jamaican cuisine...when in Jamaica, eat like a Jamaican! We promise you won't be disappointed!

Montego Bay offers many different attractions and experiences, but on the western tip of Jamaica lie's the islands crown jewel - Negril.

Negril is famous throuought the caribbean for it's incredible beaches and calm warming waters. You'd be hard pressed to find another beach rivaling Negril's seven mile beach anywhere throughout the entire caribbean. Negril beach has many great accommodations for travelers along it's seven mile length. You'll find everything from affordable hotels, to luxury beach villas that stradle the water's edge. Staying in a Jamaican villa is a great option for travelers that wish to experience the real island culture of Jamaica. You'll be able to rent a Jamaican Villa on beautiful Negril Beach for less than the cost of a large all-inclusive resort vacation package. And along with your lovely villa, you'll also get an experience that you would be unable to get when staying in a large resort - the experience of local food, nightlife, shopping and the hospitallity and the friendly culture of Jamaica's population.

So if you would like an authentic jamaican vacation offering something truly representative of Jamaica's island culture, then why not escape the tourist resorts and stay in a jamaican villa on Negril Beach. You'll experience native culture, Jamaican food, art and a way of life that is truly Jamaican.

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