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Romantic Trip Away in a Jamaica Villa

My husband and I took and vacation to a Jamaican Beach last year.  Previously we had taken an all inclusive vacation to Ocho Rios, so this year, we went to Negril Jamaica and we were so happy that we did. We arrived in Jamaica at about about 5:00pm took a taxi to Negril. We were greeted warmly when arriving at our Beach Villa.

 Our villa was luxurious and clean, and just off the edge of the water. They were even more impressive than they had looked on the website through which we had made the bookings.

The rooms in our Beach Villa were spacious. They had a full kitchen and an in-room safe. The staff helped us throught the beautifull garden to our villa, and even carried our bags.

Our rooms had king size beds, lovely night stands, cable television, futons, and a lovely dining set in the living room. Our room had a large balcony which overlooked the sea. The whole villa faced to the west, so we had incredible views of the sunset every evening. Negril is widely known for the beautiful sunsets that it plays host to every night.

We spent our evening on negril Beach, visiting many of the fantastic nightclubs and restaurants along the beach. We enjoyed many of the local Jamaican dishes. We were very happy that we had chosen to stay in a beach villa rather than in an all-inclusive resort, since we would not have been able to experience the true feeling of Negril.

We watched some great local reggae bands at some of the nightclubs on Negril Beach beach, and had a great time.

We did a bit of shopping at some of the local markets during our stay in Negril. There were many local artists and craftsmen selling their goods at small booths along the beach. Some of their work was incredible, and truly inspiring works of Jamaican art.

We did a lot of swimming in the warm water. We saw lots of fish and other sea creatures. The water was so clear that you could easily see thirty feet or more while underneath the water. We also did some snorkeling while we were in Negril, since we had already known that Negril was famous for it's incredible reefs and undersea life. There were many small fish that would come right up to us and feed directly out of our hands.

There was a lovely restaurant right next door to our vills, where we enjoyed many great meals. The resaurant also served drinks, which was really great, since we could step right out of our villa and directly up to the bar for a refreshing beverage any time of day and late into the night.


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