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Negril Jamaica

One of the hottest vacation spots among the Caribbean Islands can be found in the jewel of a city called Negril Jamaica. Negril is known throughout the the Caribbean for it's seven miles of white sand beach, which is possibly the most beautiful in all of Jamaica, if not the Caribbean itself.

Beautiful and inviting beaches are not Negril's only merits, as this stretch of pristine Jamaican Beach is of course skirted by that turquoise blue water that Jamaica is known for. The waters off Negril Beach are shallow and calm, so they are great for all types of watersports, from jet skiing and parasailing, to sailing and glass-bottom boating tours. The shallow water also means that it's safe for the kids!

Much of the fun in the waters of Negril Jamaica lie beneath it's surface. The waters of Jamaica are full of life, and none more than the waters that surround Negril. Negril is world famous for it's incredible scuba diving and snorkeling.

If you've never been scuba diving before, then a trip to Negril Jamaica is a great time to begin. It's easy and inexpensive to become certified right on Negril Beach, with great instructors that will help you on your way to discovering the wonders of the waters beneath the the beauties of Jamaica's surface.

When you come to Negril Jamaica, you'll need accommodations, of course...and some of the best in town can be found right on Negril Beach, and we're not talking about the highly commercialized large scale resorts that have moved in to the area in recent years. You'll see television advertisements for these large all-inclusive resorts that offer you a Jamaican experience that includes airfare, accommodations, food, drinks and entertainment. But the experiences offered by these commercial resort chains is anything but Jamaican. In these resorts you'll find western style accommodations, western style food, entertainment and all of the same things you'll find in any american fact the only thing Jamaican about the all-inclusive resorts in Negril is the beach that they sit on.

If you want a real Jamaican experience, you'd be well advised to stay in a Jamaican villa or hotel on Negril Beach, where you'll have the opportunity to try Jamaican food and have experiences that are anything but the ordinary.

Come to Negril Jamaica and see what keeps bringing people back to negril beach again and again.


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