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If you are planning a vacation to the island of Jamaica, be sure to plan a trip to one or more of Jamaica's many beautiful waterfalls.  I recently visited some waterfalls throughout the island and I would recommend it to anyone.  Arriving at the falls, someone boarded the shuttle selling admission tickets to the falls for $10 each. Tickets could also be purchased at the park's ticket booth for the same price. Inside Dunn's River Falls facility, there were lockers to leave your belongings, as well as places where you could rent rafts.

Rubber shoes were also for rent, but he had brought our diving shoes, se we didn't need to rent them. I would recommend some type of water-shoes, since the rocks within the falls can be slippery, and the botom of the pools can have rocks which would be difficult to walk on in bare feet. Guides are there to escort visitor through the falls. They will offer to carry your cameras to take pictures as you climb the rocks, but they do expect to be tipped for their services. They advise groups to hold hands as they climb the falls, in case someone slips.

Allthough holding hands was intended to prevent falls, we did witness someone slip and fall. They were not badly hurt, but did sustain some nasty bruises. There was a stairway that ran along the side of the falls, for those who did not wish to climb up the rocks.

The entrance to the falls is actuall at the top of the falls, so before climbing up, you must actually go down to the bottom. There were several different routs that one could take up the falls, some more difficult than others. The route we had chosen was not too difficult and took us about thirty minutes to reach the top of the falls.

The water can be a bit cool, so if you have a wetsuit, I would recommend that you bring it if you intend to climb up the rocks rather than up the side of the falls. Some cruise ships offer tours of Dunn'd River Falls, but the cost is often double the cost you woould pay if you were to buy the tickets and arrange the travel your self.

Dunn's River Falls is possibly the most famous site in the area, so we took the tour on our own rather than arranging it through the cruiseship we were touring aboard. When disembarking from your cruiseship, it is likely that there will be many shuttles and cabs awaiting the passengers. If you bring cameras to the falls, try to bring one that is waterproof, since it is likely that they will get wet. For this reason we left our expensive camera on the ship and purchased an inexpensive one on the island.  After climbing the falls, you can warm up a little bit in the ocean water where the falls meets the sea.


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