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Negril Wedding Paradise

 If you are interested in a white wedding in a beautiful tropical location, The Beach House Villas & Hotel has several different wedding packages available for your perfect day. Jamaica is a tropical paradise where you'll enjoy your special day in an unforgettable setting. 

The Beach House Villas and Hotel will help you work out the details that will make planning your Jamaican wedding hassle free. We can arrange transportation from the airport to your beautifull villa on Negril Beach.

We can arrange for flowers, wedding cake and everything else you'll need to make your jamaican wedding as special as you imagine it to be. Booking your jamaican wedding with the Beach House Villas and Hotel will also eliminate the hassle of arranging a photographer to capture your special memories forever. The minister for your Jamaican wedding will also be provided, so you can relax during the time leading up to your special day, and think about what is really important.

To try to arrange all of these things yourselves can be very time consuming, and stressful to say the least. Booking a wedding package will not only save you a few gray hairs, but it will also save you a lot of money in the process.

The cost of arranging photographers, a minister, wedding cake, food, and flowers among other things stacks up quickly, so you'll see a substancial saving when you book your Jamaican Wedding package rather than arranging all of these things individually.

If you have not seen Negril before, you'll be amazed at it's incredible beauty. Please take a moment to visit the pictures category of this website and take a look at some of the wonderfully picturesque views you'll see when you vist beautiful Negril Jamaica.

Negril is known to have some of the most spectacular sunsets anywhere in the world, and sunset is the time most couples choos to have their Jamaican wedding. Negril Beach is a stretch of white sand over seven miles long, and will be the setting for a lifetime of fond memories you'll cherish forever.

So if you are considering tying the knot in a spectacular tropical setting, take a look at Negril Jamaica, the place where thousands of couples from all parts of the world have come for their special day. We have many different wedding packages that you can customize to meet your desires, to we're sure to have something to suit you.

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