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Negril Vacation

Despite the throngs of tourists that continue to arrive in Negril Jamaica every year, this quiet coastal town on Jamaica's western tip has retained it's cozy, laid-back atmosphere. Negril is a place where many people visit with expectations of sampling the local flavor and culture of Jamaica. Negril is not your typical tourist resort that you may see on a postcard. It has a unique flavor all it's own, and you'll have to come and get a taste for yourself to really see what we're talking about.

Fun and excitment are things that Jamaica has never had a shortage of. Negril's seven-mile beach is one of the most revered in all of the world, so much that it's beauty has become the backdrop for many a tv commercial or travel guide.

As further testament to the beauty of Negril Beach, a large number of resorts have chosen Negril Beach as their favored location to attract visitors to their patch of the beach. These large all-inclusive resorts attact thousands of visitors every year to come and see the beauty of Jamaica's incredible Negril Beach. But don't get the idea that all inclusive resorts are the only accommodations that you'll find in Negril. Negril Beach also id home to numerous Beach style villas and hotels, which can offer a great alternative to the carefully controlled and conditioned experiences you'll have in an all-inclusive resort.

Many travel writers will actually recommend a beach villa over a stay at an all-inclusive resort, and the reasons for this are manyfold. Cheifly among them is the fact that when you choose to stay in an all-inclusive resort you will be denied the experience that you really came to Jamaica for - local cuisine, nightlife and the friendly locals themselves!

Many all-inclusive resorts may use scare tactics in order to draw travelers to their doors. They often make statements that Jamaica is unsafe, and that in order to enjoy Negril's white sand beaches, you must stay within their patroled perimeter. Sound confining? Well, it certainly is, and further more, such statements are anything but true. Negril is widely known to be one of the safest places on the entire island of Jamaica. Thousands of visitors come to Negril every year, choosing to stay in quaint Beach Villas and hotels, and the small number of criminal incedents that occur are usually by tourists that have had a little too much of that famous Jamaica rum.

So come and see negril Jamaica for your self, and we promise you won't be dissapointed. Try staying in a Villa on Negril beach, try some of the local quisine, try some of the rum. But one thing you won't have to try is having fun, because there is plenty to go around in Negril!

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