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Negril Food

Negril Jamaica on the western coast of the island and Montego Bay on the northern coast are simliar in that they are both Jamaican resort towns, but that is where the similarities end.  For those who may like golf, Montego Bay may be a good choice. But not to discount Negril, the Negril Hills Golf Couse is also a great place for a round of golf in the Jamaican sun.

There are a variety of packages available for any Jamaica vacation, wether you choose to visit Negril, Montego bay, or even Kingston on the Eastern end of the island. All places offer great honeymoon and wedding packages, great beach villas, as well as many all-inclusive resorts.  All of these town offer great attractions, with Montego Bay offering some of the most diverse, but none offer such incredible and beautiful beaches as Negril.

Negril has always been known for it's laid back attitude, and one example of this is the fact that Negril is home to the only legally sanctioned nude beach on the island. Negril offers many different types of accommodations, including everything cozy beach villas at the water's edge, to large, crowded all-inclusive resorts. Negril Beach is dotted by numerous restaurants, small and large, that offer local Jamaican cuisine - a treat that you aren't likely to find in a large all-inclusive resort.

Some of the world's best scuba diving and snorkeling lies just off of Negril Beach. The many reefs that lie beneath Negrils warm blue waters draw tremendous amounts of colorful fish and other marine creatures. These in turn draw a tremendous amount of visitors who come to enjoy diving, snorkeling, watersports and the myriad of other activities that Jamaica's Negril Beach has to offer.

Negril became popular in the 1960's when many americans and canadians were drawn to it's peaceful and sunny beaches. Negril began to receive a great amount of attention in the 1990's, when the numerous large resorts that were drawn to Negril began to feature it's beauty and attractions in their advertisments.

When many people think of Jamaica, they instinctively think of Marijuana, or Ganja as it is known in Jamaica. Contrary to popular belief, Ganja is illegal in Jamaica, however this does nothing to diminish it's popularity. Many of the locals still smoke it openly, but this is not recommended to tourists, who may find themselves in a heap of trouble if they attempt this activity in the same bold fashion as the locals.

Negril offers plenty of delicious food for the locals and travelers alike. Fruit and vegetables grow plentifully in Negril, with many types likely being completey unknown to visitors. Most of this locally grown produce is reletively inexpensive, and about as fresh as can be. On the contrary, inported produce is likely to be much more expensive than the local varieties. Eating at the many restaurants along Negril Beach is a great way to sample some of the local food, and when you do get a taste of Jamaica's unique food and culture, you can be sure that you'll carry the memories for a lifetime.

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