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Negril Beaches

Negril Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the entire caribbean. Negril Beach is great for couples as well as families, and offers a great setting for a cheap Jamaican vacation.

Negril Beach is covered with soft white sand, and is over seven miles in length. Negril Beach is located on the western side of Jamaica. This location offers much calmer waters off the beach then the beaches on other parts of the island. Visitors to Negril will usually arrive on an international flight that lands in Montego Bay, on the northern tip of the island. The drive to Negril from Montego bay takes a little over an hour, and is quite scenic.

Negril is a mecca for watersports, especially scuba diving and snorkeling. There are many dive schools and other locations where you can learn scuba diving and even get certified right on Negril Beach.

Negril Beach is also great for kids, with shallow waters that are almost always calm. There is also a roped off area in which kids can swim safely without worry. This can make it much easier on the adults, allowing them to relax in Jamaica's perfect weather.

Negril Beach is also a great place to eat. Up and down the beach are located numerous restaurants and shops where the visitor can try some of the local Jamaican cuisine. There is even a supermarket located on the southern end of Negril Beach where you can purchase items that you may like to cook up yourself. This can be a great option for those who wish to save a little money on their Jamaican vacation, and since many of the Jamaican villas on Negril Beach come with full kitchens, you'll have everything you need to prepare your meals.

Staying in a Jamaican villa is a great option for many other reasons as well. Many travelers come to Negril and end up staying in an all-inclusive resort. This deprives the traveler of the very experience they came to jamaica to have - an experience that is truly Jamaican, not just a peice of your ordinary daily life transplanted onto a Jamaican beach, and unfortunately for these misguided travelers, this is all that they will experience when staying in a large all-inclusive resort.

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