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Jamaican beach Villa

Since the early 1960's, Jamaica as well as many other former colonies in the Caribbean have been granted their independence from old world imperialist countries such as spain, england and france.

Many Caribbean nations are extremly reliant on tourism to support their economies. Though great strides have been made in the areas of literacy, as well as the expansion of industry and exports, most of these island nations are still heavily dependent upon imported foods and fuel sources.

Since tourism has become such a large part of the influx of money into the caribbean, many nations such as Jamaica have shifted much of their focus to the growth of the tourist industry. The city of Negril on the island of Jamaica is one example of the push in this direction. Since recent decades, Negril has become home to a large number of large all-inclusive resorts, most of them situated on Negril's most prized peice of real estate, Negril Beach. This comes as no suprise, because if you have ever been to Negril beach, you would definitely see the potential for atracting visitors to it's seven miles of white sand and peaceful waters.

Negril Beach is home not only to large resorts, but also to a great variety of Jamaican villas and hotels. Staying in a jamaican villa does offer many benefits that the visitor will not find when staying at a large resort. A villa in Jamaica will offer the traveler an experience that a tourist would not be afforded when drawn to the large resorts. These large all-inclusive resorts do offer great package deals that often include airfare, food and accommodations, but the accommodations, food, and entertainment that they offer are anything but Jamaican in nature.

On the contrary, the city of Negril is bursting with life, culture and a flavor all it's own. This is why the popularity of Jamaica villas continues to increase every year, as more and more travelers to the area become disenchanted with the western style experience with which they are presented when staying at an all-inclusive resorts. Many of these large resorts discourage patrons from leaving the resort grounds, depriving them from experiencing any of Jamaica's true culture, and who can blame them, because once one sees the vibrant and exciting nature of Jamaica's island lifestyle, who whould want to bottle themselves up in a resort?

When you choose to stay in a jamaican villa, Negril Beach as well as the rest of Jamaica is your playground. There is no limit to the new and exciting experiences you can have on Negril's most beautiful of beaches.

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