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If you are looking for somewhere you can take a vacation in a tropical paradise for a cheap price, look no further than the island of Jamaica. A Jamaican vacation is just what you need to break the monotany of the cold winter.  Jamaica's history is rich, but you don't need a lot of money to experience it.  Packages are available for your Jamaican vacation that encompass everything from the all-inclusive to cozy beach house villas on Negril's famous seven mile beach. Negril is possible the most beautiful place on the island of Jamaica, but interestingly, it did not gain popularity until recent decades. Many large resorts began developing tourist accommodation in the 1950s, and since that time, Negril has grown in popularity at an incredible rate. But despite it's ever increasing status as a top vacation spot in the caribbean, Negril has retained the cozy laid back atmosphere that attracted so many travelers there in the first place.


Negril remained somewhat of a remote destination until the road between Montego Bay on the island's northern coast was improved, allowing an infulx of visitors from the International airport located there. The drive from Montego Bay to Negril is a beautiful and memorable one, along Jamaica's winding northern coastline overlooking the caribbean sea.

There are many wonderful attractions to see throughout the whole of Jamaica, with each region of the island home to it's own unique and varied landscapes and culture, but Negril stands apart from the rest of Jamaica because it has the most beautiful beaches on the island, and quite possible in the caribbean itself.

Negril's seven mile beach is known worldwide for it's soft white sand and warm calm waters. There are not any beaches on the island that can compare, and this is one of the many reasons that Negril has become so popular over recent decades.

But beautiful beaches aren't all that Negril has to offer. Negril is also known for it's fantastic nightlife. Negril beach is home to numerous resorts, restaurants, bars and nightculbs, all of which are hopping late into the night. but this doesn't mean that you wont' find peace on negril beach. Negril is graced with seven miles of this incredible white sand, and any time you'd like to get away from everything there is a secluded area of the beach a short walk away. In fact, just about everything that you'll need or want to experience on your Jamaican vacation is within walking distance when you stay on Negril Beach.

Shopping, dining, dancing and more are all at your fingertips, and those attractions that do require transportation can be easily reached by procuring one of the many easily available cabs that make their rounds throughout Negril and it's surrounding areas.



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