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Come to Jamaica and get to know a fantastic culture filled with life and vitallity. You'll have a chance to explore Jamaica's storied and rich history through they remains that still litter the island. You'll have the chance to experience Jamaica the way the locals do when you stay in a Jamaican villa on Negril Beach, soaking up the jamaican sun and sampling the local flavors.

Jamaica's food is great part of it's national identity. Ackee and saltfish, which is Jamaica's national dish is a must try for visitors to Jamaica. This tasty local dish begins with ackee, a local fruit which when prepared looks much like scrambled eggs. This fruit is then combined with dried codfish, and mixed with onions and tomatoes, creating a unique flavor that you'll only find in Jamaica. Most Jamaican food is derived from a combination of traditional Caribbean dishes with some added local flare. Jamaican food does have a reputation for being spicy, a quality that can be attributed to a local sauce that Jamaicans call "jerk". Jerk sauce is a moderately spicy, orange concoction that is used generously on everything from pork, to chicken and beef.

Rice and beans is another Jamaican staple, and in Jamaica it is often prepared with coconut milk. Patties, also called empanadas in Spanish, are a popular Jamaican food. Allthough much of the food you'll find in Jamaica may be similar to other foods found throughout the region, the food in Jamaica is prepared with a style and flavor all it's own, and you won`t have the chance to sample this food anywhere else.

Jamaica is plentiful when it comes to fruit and vegetables. Much of the local produce s completely unknown to outsiders. You'll find a great variety of fruits and vegatables in Jamaica, and while locally grown varieties are inexpensive, imported produce tends to be expensive. Things such as grapes often tend to be extremely expensive in Jamaica, since no such friut can be cultivated on the island. But why worry about grapes, since Jamaica has a great variety of intersting and delicious of local fruits and vegetables for the travelers to indulge in. It is a common sight to see local vendors elling local produce at roadside stands. If you are not familiar with the particular fruit you are interested in, it is adviseable to ask the vendor which part to eat, and how to prepare them. Upon your request , they may even wash the fruit for you, if you wish to eat it immediately.

When you come to Jamaica, your standard drinks such as Pepsi or Coca-Cola can be found almost as easily as in western countries, but why seek out more of the ordinary when you can try something new and truly Jamaican. Champagne cola or grapefruit soda Jamaicans call "Ting" are local favorites along with Ginger beer.When going for a variety of the local brew, try a local lager called "Red Stripe" which is probably the most popular beer in Jamaica. Dragon Stout is another Jamaican favorite when it comes to beers, and both varieties can be found easily in bars, restaurants and hotels.

The local spirit is Appleton Rum. this is a powerful liquor made from sugar cane. Jamaicans traditionally drink it with fruit juice or cola . This rum is quite strong and is not for the faint of heart.

Now thatyou know a little bit about the food you'll find in Jamaican, why not come and stay in a Jamaican Villa and try some for yourself. When you stay in a villa in Jamaica, you'll be right in the middle of reastaurants and bars that are sure to have many of the dishes you've just read about.

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