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Jamaica Villas on Negril Beach

Staying in a Jamaica villa can be a great idea for those who wish to get away. Would you like to enjoy sunny beaches in a beautiful setting? Then a villa in Jamaica may be just the thin for you.

 Jamaica also offers a great setting for those newlyweds who are looking to take their honeymoon in a lovey and romantic setting. There is no shortage of romantic things you can do with your loved one on a Jamaican honeymoon. But Jamaican Honeymoons aren't the only thing that draws couples to Jamaica's shores. Thousands of couples come to Jamaica every year to get married on Jamaica's spectacular beaches.

Jamaica's Blue Mountain Peak is a mecca for climbers from around the world, as well as being the source for what is generally regarded to be among the worlds finest coffees. At 7,402 feet, Blue Mountain Peak is the highest point in Jamaica, closey followed by the nearby peaks of the John Crow Mountains.

From the top of these magnificent Jamaican mountain peaks you can clearly see the city of Kingston, and when the weather is clear enough, you may even be able to see Cuba, which lies only 90 miles north of Jamaica. Below these magestic peaks, small villages are intersperced with plots where the regions world famous Blue Mountain Coffee is grown by local farmers. This area has become a sanctuary for followers of Jamaica's native religion, Rastafarianism. Unlike the dreadlocked partiers you may find on Negril's beaches, true rastafarians diligently follow a strict ethical code of conduct throughout their daily lives, part of which embraces the use of Marijuana, or ganja as it is known to them, as part of their religious practice.

This region is very lush and forested, and besides Negril's beautiful beaches, is possibly some of the most beautiful terrain in all of Jamaica. Here the lovely dwarf orchid flourishes, and if you're lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the "Doctor Bird". This bird is a long-tailed hummingbird, with a shimmering green coloration. As rarely seen as it is, this bird has become the national symbol of Jamaica.

If you are interested in seeing these beautiful areas of Jamaica for yourself and are not an experienced climber, dont worry, there are many routs that one may take to acend the peaks without specialized climbing equipment or climbing experience. Though many of the trails to these area may be somewhat strenuous, most are reletively safe. though the hiker should be prepared for an acsent of four or five hours to reach the top of many of the peaks.

There are many great accommodations for travelers to this area, with lots of affordable options to choose from. Staying at a villa in Jamaica is always a great way to experience the real flavor of what Jamaica has to offer. There are many Jamaican villas that can be procured for less than the cost of a hotel, while also offering much more than a similarly priced resort.


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