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jamaica villa

Jamaican villa on the beach

If you are in the market for an escape from the everyday, and would like to take an affordable vacation, then you'll need to look no further than the island of Jamaica to satisfy all your desires. Jamaica has a great variety of activities that you and your family can enjoy. Everything from whitewater rafting and waterfall climbing, to watersports, horseback riding and jungle tours. If you are an adventurous traveler, Jamaica has what you're looking for.

But don't think that adventure is all that Jamaica has to offer. There is plenty of peace, quiet and relaxation to be had in Jamaica as well. How about relaxing days spent in a peaceful villa on Negril Beach? Or watching spectacular sunsets from your balcony overlooking the sea? You can have all this and more when you choose to stay in a villa in Jamaica.

Negril has long been an attraction for honeymooners looking for a romantic setting, and if you've ever seen Negril, then you'd know why. negril is probably the most beautiful and memorable places in Jamaica, and not only has it been an attraction for honeymooners, but has been the backdrop for many a beach wedding at sunset. And speaking of sunsets, Negril is famous for playing host to the most spectacular displays you are likely to see anywhere. Negril is situated on the western coast of Jamaica, and the views it offers of the caribbean sea are truly breathtaking.

But Negril also has something for everyone in the family, and that is why Negril has become a popular spot for family vacations as well. Anancy Fun Park in Negril is sure to entertain the kids as well as offering a great time for the adults as well. The park offers go-karts, amusment park rides and many other family-friendly activities that are sure to keep the kids and adults alike entertained.

Jamaica also offers something for history buffs as well. Jamaica's long history as a colony of numerous different powers has left a storied and rich legacy. Still today, there are the remains of historic forts and colonial sites throughout the island. Many of these sites date back to the early 16th century, and stand as testament to the island's history.

The Jamaica we know today began as a Spanish colony, eventually becoming a posession of the British Empire. It remained under British control until very recent times, when in the 1960's Jamaica has finally granted it's independence, and began the long road of developing it's self into a modern nation. Jamaica has made great strides since those times of subjugation and slavery, and still has much work to do, but the quality of life for the average Jamaican has been steadily increasing decade by decade, and continues to increase every year. Buoyed by an influx of tourism to it's shores, the future of Jamaica looks bright, and it remains to be seen just what the inhabitants of this rich caribbean culture will create for themselves as they move forward into the 21st century.

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