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Jamaica Villa in Negril

Do yourself a favor this winter and get out to a sunny tropical paradise in the caribbean. The island of Jamaica has long been one of the most popular destinations in the caribbean, and for good reason. Jamaica offers many exciting destinations and activities all across the island, From it's eastern coast in Kingston, to Port Royal with it's lore of pirates and treasure, to Montego Bay in the North, all the way to the western edge of the island, where Jamaica's real treasure lies. Situated here on the Island's western tip is the city of Negril.

Those travelers looking for the best deals in Jamaica should be advised to look into renting a Jamaican Villa on Negril Beach. This is a much better option than an all-inclusive resort, or expensive hotels that are situated far from where you'd like to be - right by the water.

Our Jamaican Villas are located right on Negril Beach, just meters from the warm caribbean sea. The waters around Negril Beach are filled with an incredible variety of ocean life. If you enjoy snorkeling or diving, the waters around jamaica and especially Negril are known for their world class reef diving.

Negril Beach is festooned with outlets where the visitor can arrange boating tours. And if you are interested in fishing, the reefs surrounding Negril are teeming with all types of fish that are eager to bite on your line. A meal of fresh seafood is not difficult to come by in Negril!

Jamaica is the third largest of the caribbean islands and has only two distinct seasons. Summer season and winter season. Summer is also known as the wet season, since it is marked by almost daily rain showers, which at times are a welcome retreat from the summer sun.
Winter is slightly more moderate and is therefore known as the dry season, and since the Jamaican winter is when much of the world is experiencing cold temperatures and snow, this is the time of year when most people choose to visit Jamaica. The temperature in Jamaica stays an almost constant 85 degrees, so no matter when you choose to visit the island, you'll be sure to experience great weather and tons of fun!

Nights in Negril are rarely cool enough for a light jacket, so whatever the time of day, the Jamaican weather is almost always agreeable.

Negril is a coveted destination for engaged couples worldwide, and is host to numerous sunset weddings on beautiful Negril Beach every year. negril Beach is also the backdrop for a great variety of watersports in it's calm and warming waters. Negril Beach offers many locations where the visitor can rent jet skis and boats, as well as arranging parasailing rides and catamaran trips.

So whatever your pleasure, Negril Jamaica has just what you are looking for.


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