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Exotic Travels in Negril

There is a place in the Caribbean where the waters are warm, the beaches are unspoiled and the weather is moderate year-round. More and more people arrive every year to enjoy it's white sand, stretching for more than seven miles. The locals are friendly and the flora is lush. This place is called Negril.

Negril is situated on the western shore of the island of Jamaica, and is probably the most attractive and pristine place on the island. All along the coast of Jamaica, large resorts have popped up over the last 20 years, and none more than in Negril, and for good reason. Ask any Jamaican where the most beautiful beaches on the island are lcoated, and they'll all tell you the same thing - in Negril.

In no wonder that these large resort chains have all been attracted to Negril. If you've ever been there or seen pictures of it's spectacular scenery, you'd know why. Large all inclusive resorts have made quite an impact on the tourism industry in Negril in recent decades, but those who know better choose to steer clear of the large resorts and invest in an experience that puts them into the heart of what Jamaica really has to offer.

Jamaica has a complex culture rooted deep in the islands history, and you'll certainly be unable to connect with any of this islands unique culture by bottling yourself up in a resort. Most of the large resorts in Negril actually discourage their patrons from leaving the resort grounds. They will even tell travelers that Jamaica is unsafe, so as to keep their and their tourist dollars within their resorts.

But in actually, Negril is probably the safest, most laid back place within the whole of Jamaica, full of freindly locals nd wonderful experiences to be had. For visitors who are stuck within the large resorts, there is a whole world of fun and excitement that they are missing out on. Many of these large resorts do offer great food, fun and entertainment, but none of it is what you'll find in Jamaica. So why come all the way to Jamaica to miss out out on what Jamaica has to offer.

Those who know choose to stay in a villa in Negril rather than the many large resorts that dominate areas of Negril Beach. But don't worry, Negril Beach is over seven miles long, and there's plenty of Beach left for those who want to experience the real Jamaica. In fact, Negril Beach is large enough that you can even escape the many Jamaica villas that run it's length, and settle into a peaceful spot where you can relax in the Jamaican sun if that's what you would like to do.

Another element of Jamaican culture that you'll miss out out on when you choose to spend your Jamaican Vacation in a large resort, will be the incredible myriad of unique and delicious Jamaican food. Jamaican cuisine is a collection of dishes that have their roots far into the island's past, beginning with the Native Indians who first inhabited the island, to the Spanish conquerors who followed, to the rest of the caribbean cultures throughou the region. But the people of Jamaica have put their own stamp on their unique collection of dishes created from this rich history, and you'll certainly find non of it on the menu in a large resort.

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