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Discover Hidden Treasures of Jamaica

Negril Beach is the most pristine and beautiful beach on Jamaica’s coast, and prides itself on that fact. Negril Beach is located appropriately in the city of Negril, known throughout island for having the most laid-back and relaxing atmosphere in Jamaica. Negril Beach has become home to many westerners seeking to escape the fast paced lifestyle in the United States, Canada and Europe. Even without a large economy, life in negril is not difficult for most locals. Great fishing around Negril Beach plays a large part in supporting the people of Negril, and in recent decades, tourism has stepped up to play a large part as well.

The landscape of Negril Beach is unique and extremely beautiful. Negril is one of the most recently developed parts of Jamaica, becoming popularized by those westerners who came to Negril to seek a more simple lifestyle.

But going back even further, before Jamaica's history as a colonial posession, the very first residents of Jamaica were an Indian people called the Tainos The Tainos arrived in Jamaica somewhere around 700 AD, and were highly skilled in fishing, pottery, carving, weaving, boat building, and farming. The Tainos had a thriving culture unitl the arrival of old-world conquerers, such as Christopher Columbus late in the fifteenth century.There are still some remanants of the Tainos' culture scattered throughout Jamaica, mostly consisting of small artifacts such as pottery and arrowheads.

The Tainos culture came to a rapid end when the Spanish arrived and enslaved the native population. Most of the Tainos perished in captivity. A very small number of them had managed to escape to other parts of the region, such as Florida, where there are very small communities that still exist today. Unfortunately, most of the flourishing culture that the Tainos had created was lost to history and violence due to the conquest of the new world.

Jamaica today is quite different from the Jamaica of the Tainos, but despite their loss, Jamaica has developed a new and thriving culture all it's own. Much of the income that Jamaica enjoys today comes from the tourism industry. The city of Negril plays a large part in this industry, attracting thousands of visitors from all reaches of the globe every year. Negril beach today is dotted with Jamaican Villas and restaurants, where locals and travelers alike enjoy Jamaica's unique and delicious cuisine.

Renting a villa in jamaica is a great way to get to know this island's unique culture. Negril today is home to many large resorts, but patrons of these resorts are not able to experience the true nature of Jamaica the way you would be able to were you to stay in a Jamaica Villa.

Come to Jamaica and get a taste of this island's storied history. learn about the cultures that came before, and where this island culture is moving towards as time moves forward. There is a villa in Jamaica just waiting for you.

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