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Things to Do in and Around Negril


There are many craft markets, shops, and local crafts all within a short distance from the Villas in Jamaica. If sports are your thing, you'll find volleyball and tennis courts within walking distance. Water sports are not to missed when in Negril, and Negril's warm waters invite you to try snorkeling and scuba, as well as many other exciting aquatic activities.


On Negril's northern coast, Bloody Bay is a popular attraction that can be reached by a network of unmaintained roads branching from the highway that runs along the north end of the island.
Pirates were drawn to Bloody Bay from all over the Caribbean in the 1700's. A well known pirate by the name of Jack Rackam, also known as Calico Jack is known to have spent much time in Bloody Bay. Rackam is known more for his association with two female pirates than for his own exploits.
In 1720, Rackham and his cohorts were finally captured by the English, who had grwon tired of their plundering of British vessels.
Bloody Bay gets it's name from the former times when whalers would butcher their catches in the bay.


A popular destinations for water sports enthusiasts, Booby Cay is a very small island that sits just off shore from Negril Jamaica. Booby Cay does has a claim to fame, since many scenes from Jules Verne's popular film "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" were filmed on the small island. Booby Cay gets it's name from the booby bird, which is a type of tern that returns to the island each year to breed and lay their eggs in the once safe environment of the off-shore sanctuary. Booby eggs were once seen as a food item for islanders, and as a result of years of egg hunting the eggs are rarely seen, and the birds are natuarly following suit. The Arawaks Indians coined the term "Booby" for the birds, which means crazy. They probably received such a name since the birds had no natural fear of humans, therfore became easy food items themselves.


When you have an itch to get out of your Jamaican Villa and take a drive up into the hilly country outside of Negril and you'll find yourself in a place that seems to have been forgotten by time itself. Only about 45 minutes from Negril Mayfield Falls has become a popular place for what the locals refer to as "Falls Walking". Falls Walking is just what it sounds like, walking straight up the rocks within the falls. Along the way you'll find yourself in a variety of large and small pools in which one can swim and bathe, or just hang out and have a good time.
The setting for this exciting adventure is old virgin rainforest, which surprisingly features an open air restaurant constructed of bamboo at the base off the falls.


Negril Lighthouse is a popular landmark that lies on the western edge of Negril's coastline. Situated at over 100 feet above sea level, the lighthouse rises to a height of 66'.


Roaring River is an unspoiled natural area that lies near Petersfield, close to the Shewsbury Estate. The site features springs that rise up from the earth to merge with a local river, and is a mecca for nature lovers.

A high concentration of Uranium are said to give the Blue hole it's color, as well as it's name. A half-day trip can take you to see this attraction, though dropping ground water levels have greatly reduced the depth of the water in the Blue Hole.


A great place to visit by horseback, the Whitehall Greathouse is an old plantation mansion on the former property of the Whitehall Family. As recently as 1985 the mansion was reduced to ruins by fire, but still offers incredible views of Negril's coast, and remains a popular attraction.


A short Taxi ride from your Jamaican Villa will take you to the West End Cliffs, on Negril's Southern coast. The cliffs are a popular location for cliff diving, and also for having a bite to eat and a drink in the bars and restaurants that sit atop the cliffs.


Near the "Bamboo Highway" you'll find "YS" Falls. YS Falls is located on a privately owned farm , but still plays host to thousands of visitors every year.
After a trip through some of Jamaica's Rural areas, you'll arrive at the farm, where you'll be shuttled to the falls by way of a trailer-toting tractor. The Falls have a number of different pools as they descend down the rocks. Swimming is permitted in some of the pools and not in others, so check with the guides that will accompany the tour groups. There are rope swings for the adventurous, and stairways for those who wish to keep dry as they ascend the falls.



Negril Hills Golf Club

The Negril Hills Golf Club is an 18-hole course that lies a short five miles from the Villas in Negril. Consisting of over 20 acres of hills, The Negril Hills Golf Club looks over Negril Bay, offering spectaular views. Since many travelers do not wish to bring golf clubs on an international flight, golf clubs and accessories are offered for rental upon arrival. The course follows the natural topography of the land, which provides a challenging but moderately difficult experience which includes the natural beauty of Jamaica, rivaling the beauty of any course throughout the world.

If you would like details about The Negril Hills Golf Couse, please call 1-876-957-4638 after you have arrived at your villa in Jamaica. If you would like, the office can arrange your trip to the course.

18 Hole Rates
CART FEE $34.50

9 Hole Rates
CART FEE $17.25


Tennis courts are available for use a only a short drive from your Negril Villa. Please inquire about arranging a trip at the office.


Negril Beach is home to Wild Thing Water Sports, where you'll be able to rent jet skis at an hourly rate. Wild Thing Water Sports also offers many other types of activites for the aquatic adventurer.


Negril's waters are home to some of the most spectacular reefs in the Caribbean, and since Negril's waters are so clear, you'll have no problem seeing the myriad of marine life that inhabit these waters. A glass bottom boat tour can easily be arranged with only short prior notice, and is sure to offer incredible views of what lies hidden beneath Negril's beautiful turquoise waters.

Jet ski rentals can be arranged almost any time of day, and for a very reasonable hourly rate.


For a wild and wet time, take a water bannana ride pulled behind a jet ski! Tons of fun for kids as well as adults!


See Negril from high above the beach...a parasailing ride is sure to give you a view and an experience you'll always remember!


There's no waterskiing experience like the one you'll have in Negril's calm, warming waters. A wonderful place for beginners to try out their sea-legs, or for experienced skiers to let loose!
The price for 30 minutes is $30.00, and departs anytime.


When visiting Negril the Moring Snorkel Lunch Cruise is not to be missed. A 45 foot Trimaran will bear you hence as you enjoy the scenic beauty of Negril. The Trimaran offers an open bar with beer, hard, and soft drinks. Snorkeling eqipment is also provided.
The price starts at $35.00 and departs at 10:30am.


Ever feel like letting it all hang down?...the Clothing optional cruise around Negril is a great way to get in touch with your hedonistic side. Drinks and food are offered, as well as snorkeling... in the buff.


Get away to Booby Cay on an Island Picnic. Enjoy luch and snorkel along the reefs of the island. An open bar with beer, hard and soft drinks offered on board, as well as great music. A great trip for everyone in the family.
Prices begin at $38.00, and the trip lasts for four hours. Departs at 10:30am on sunday, tuesday, wednesday and friday.


An afternoon spent fishing is a great way to spend some time in the sun, as well as to reel in some island cuisine. $400.00 US dollars will get you a boat for four people, with a guide to take you to the best fishing spots in Negril's plentiful waters. Departs at 6;00am, and 2:30 pm, and lasts for four hours.

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