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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Negril Jamaica FAQWhich airport do we fly into, and how far is it to the Beach House?

Montego Bay; is about and hour and fifteen minute drive along the lovely coast road and is quite a noce introduction to Jamaica and it'e countryside culture.

How do we arrange transportation from the airport to Negril?

A Beach House Villa can arrange shuttle service for you at $20/person one-way ($40 roundtrip). We can also arrange to provide you with a private car (taxi) service.

The rate is $120 roundtrip for 1-3 persons.

Where is the Beach House Located on the seven-mile beach?

Between T-Water and Beach Club hotels. A ten Minute walk to the town circe.

We'll have a full kitchen; are there grocery stores nearby?

Yes, one at the town circle (a 10 minute walk), and also one in the Sunshine Plaza (about 1/2 mile).

Is food expensive?

Imported items tend to be pricey, however if you purchase local jamaican products, they are very reasonable in rice. Chech all the price tags before you throw them in the cart. You may also bring canned or boxed foods with you in your luggage to Jamaica (nothing fresh). Restaurants tend to be on the moderate scale in price.

What kind of staff comes with the Villa, and can we have a cook?

Daily housekeeping, with a full staff of office personel, gardener, 24 hour security and restaurant staff. You may arrange for a private cook as an additional option (see Guest Services).
Our restaurant also offers Room Service. We leave this open for you to choose, as here are many interesting restaurants in Negril and most guests enjoy sampling various ones.

How is tipping handled, and how much is appropriate?

It is customary to leave something for your housekeeper. About $20 US per couple for a week's stay would be appropriate. You may tip any other staff member as you wish.

What kind of clothes should we bring?

Very casual. Bathing attire and cover ups such as sarongs and sun dresses for the ladies. Shorts and T-shirts, lightweight cotton slacks etc. Sandals or flip flops. Water shoes if you plan on doing a hike up the waterfalls During winter months, a sweatshirt would be all that is necessary for night time.

Is the seven-mile beach clothing optional?

It is not uncommon for women to be topless on the seven-mile beach. Total nudity is restricted to the resorts Hedonism and Firefly. With the growth of Negril becoming family oriented, nude sunbathing is not accepted as in the 70's. Be discrete for the faint at heart, and the families who travel with children.

What current does Jamaica use , and do we need a converter?

Jamaica is on 100 volt / 50 cycle; American small appliances will work without an adapter.

Should we bring our own dive gear?

There is rental gear available at the Negril Scuba Center, next door, however, you may wish to bring you own mask, and snorkel and fins.

What is the exchange rate, and where do we get to trade?

The rate has been fluctuating around 60 Jamaican dollars to 1 US dollar. You may trade at the local banks, or at the Cambio, less than a five minute walk from Beach House.

Can we pay for things in US curency or by credit card?

Yes but be aware that it is easy to overpay when paying in US funds. Exchange your money in increments rather than converting
it all to Jamaican, and then back to US again, you may loose money in doing this.

Is the water safe to drink?

Yes the tap water in Negril comes from nearby Logwood and is safe. There are an abundance of fresh natural springs and waterfalls in Jamaica. Bottled water is also available.

Is Ganja(marijuana) legal?

It is illegal to possess marijuana in Jamaica.

Is Negril safe?

Negril Beach is perhaps one of the safest places in Jamaica. You may walk the beach day or night and free to move about all of Negril without a problem.
Common sense is all that is necessary, keeping in mind not to do something you wouldn't do at home. There are in-room safes in which to put your valuables you do not wish to carry with you.

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